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Monday, July 16th, 2012

I totally agree to what our lovely Neha already explained: Taking part in “Breaking Walls” changed my point of view about so many different aspects of my own life!
First of all, I learned more about the different cultures and origins of the participants but I also learned more about myself. During this project I have overcome my nervousness of the first couple of days and opened my heart to the world. I think, that I can speak for all of us, when I say, that we did not only break the walls of prejudices in our minds, but build bridges to many different places instead. We created bonds of friendship beyond the limits of our homeland – friendships which will last for a long time – from Brooklyn, to Bethlehem and Berlin and back.
Isn’t this the way we’ve been dreamed about for hundreds of years?
I deeply thank everyone taking part in this project for his energy, patience and care – especially Linda, Samira, Arwa, Talene and last but not least the gorgeous Fran. The wonderful Bethlehem, Brooklyn and Berlin teenagers shared their individual experience about their neighborhood, age, life and dreams with me, with us and with you soon, too. They made me discover my own place in the world a little more. Merve in Berlin
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Monday, July 16th, 2012

“Taking part in the project breaking walls here in Berlin has really opened my eyes and inspired me to continue breaking walls and building bridges in every aspect of my future life. It was a wonderful experience and I can truly speak for all the members when I say that we learned so much out of it: We learned how to work in a team, become leaders when necessary, we improved our writing skills, learned tips about how to memorize long texts and learned how to be patient at times!! The last 9 days were so great, they will remain cherished in our hearts. The play was also so successful, we all cannot wait to see the documentary and play online. Thank you so much Fran, Arwa and Samira for everything. We love you so much. breaking walls is definitely a project that every teenager deserves to experience and be apart of ♥.” Neha- BerlinPicture 3